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Meet the Entrepreneur Innovating the UAE’s Lifestyle Industry

To thrive in the lifestyle space you have to be hungry, hard-working, and passionate. Omar Jackson, the founder of the new lifestyle app ‘X’ by OJ Lifestyle, fits that bill. Social and adventurous, he’s determined to bring the experiential market kicking and screaming – harder, better, faster, and stronger to the UAE post-lockdown.

Omar Jackson, 'X' by OJ Lifestyle

Omar Jackson, founder of ‘X’ by OJ Lifestyle. Photo: Supplied

What inspired you to create a bespoke lifestyle brand in this region?
The concept of lifestyle is complex as it can mean something different depending on who you ask, but for me, it’s all about experiences. The people in this region really want to make lasting memories and enjoy themselves now more than ever, but with a value for money factor and that’s something I recognized and wanted to provide.  The overall aim of “X” by OJ Lifestyle is to give people experiences they will remember forever while delivering exceptional value and service from start to finish.

How is the market looking in the UAE post-lockdown?
From the onset of Covid-19, the UAE in its true fashion handled all elements quickly and efficiently which is why it’s one of the leading nations in the world in a lot of ways.  We have recovered quicker than many other countries due to the expert leadership of the government and that has transcended into society and the economy. There is a real wave of positivity here now which has heightened by the welcoming of tourists on July 7. This is fantastic news for businesses, individuals, and the market in general.

How has the pandemic forced you to innovate what you do?
I’m naturally an innovative person. What Covid-19 allowed me to do is to have less on my plate on a daily basis so I could focus more of my time improving myself and my businesses to get ahead.  I’ve done things like develop customer relationship strategies, created new social media content, spent more time training my team, and the result is that we’re coming out of this strong and positive. The world has changed so much over the past six months and innovation has never been more important to ensuring success.

What are your thoughts on the idea of ‘a new normal’
I’m not convinced about the universal concept of the ‘new normal’ as it means different things to different people. I feel collectively Covid-19 has been a huge challenge for businesses and individuals and it’s taught us lessons of which we must all learn from. The most important lesson is that we really must value human interaction more.  For me, this is what life is about.  Being with, and helping each other, can only really happen through actual human connection in the ‘real world’ and the fact this was taken away from us should hopefully make us never take it for granted again.

Your business aims to give back. Why is this important to you?
From a young age I’ve understood that you can’t make it alone and that we all need the support of others in life. You need to work with people, assist others, rise up together and provide valuable contributions to both your own community and others around the world. It’s always been a huge part of who I am to assist people, whether that’s through my time or giving financially, so it was a natural step that social sustainability became a core part of the OJ Lifestyle brand.  I can’t feel happy or fulfilled if someone in front of me needs help. Similarly, I can’t turn a blind eye if help is needed and I know I can contribute effectively.

How is X by OJ Lifestyle different from the other lifestyle membership offerings out there?
There is no lifestyle company that matches what we do. We haven’t reinvented the wheel; we’ve just spun it the other way. We are focused on relationships and experiences and we only work with businesses that really care about the quality of service and product. We hand-select our partners for this very reason, as we’re passionate about the highest levels of customer care. We’ve been innovative in our approach and deliver things that nobody else is doing e.g. a free gym for our members, an offer for a complimentary membership to share when signing up during the pre-launch period, and much more. There is nothing like “X” by OJ Lifestyle in the region, and we’re excited for people to experience it and our community of like-minded people to grow.

Who inspires you most in life and business?
Without a doubt, my biggest inspiration is my mother. She’s my hero and she worked so hard as a single parent throughout her life to give me every opportunity she could, and none of this would have been possible without her.  I’m also inspired by my team at OJ Lifestyle and Berkeley Assets. They work so hard and are loyal to me and our businesses through every challenge and hurdle and I’m very grateful to have them.  They motivate me and make it all worth it, and I want to give them every opportunity to grow professionally and as a person.

Describe your fantasy lifestyle destination if resources and budget were no object.
Sir Richard Branson is someone I greatly admire and his own island called “Necker” is absolute goals. My fantasy lifestyle destination would be my own island, with my very own beach resort, all my favorite restaurants, shops, and lifestyle activities.

What is happiness to you?
I cherish the personal success from setting a goal and achieving it. I love forming an idea and bringing it to life – it’s addictive. Ultimately this drive and ambition enable me to look after my family, friends, and team which makes me happy.

The launch offer is available via the ‘X by OJ Lifestyle’ app at the Apple App Store or Google Play for free and won’t be charged until August 18. Use the code XOJLS1 at check-out to make the most of their special introductory package.

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