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On the Lookout for a Valentine’s Day Gift? Here Are 10 Options That Both of You Can Enjoy

That time of year is fast approaching whereby you need to spoil that special someone in your life. But since they say that love begins with you, we’ve put together an alternative Valentine’s Day gift guide that not only sparks joy for the lady, but brings just as much pleasure to the gentleman.

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones by Hër

There aren’t many couples that enjoy the same music, at least not all the time, so buy your ears a treat and free the apartment of Taylor Swift once and for all. These super stylish Hër headphones include a built-microphone so she can even answer calls without needing to touch her phone, and feature up to 23-hours talk time or 21-hours playback time before needing a charge. They’re so comfortable (thanks to soft padding)  that she’ll be glued to them for hours on end while you take over the lounge speakers.

Velvetiser by Hotel Chocolat

When the AC is on too high and you’re both in the mood for a barista-style hot chocolate, there’s no need to run downstairs thanks to the Velvertiser. It takes just two-and-a-half minutes; add your choice of milk and a sachet of Hotel Chocolat flavors, and you have the perfect cup to snuggle up with in front of a movie. The system is super easy to clean – just rinse to make your next cup, or wet sponge wash when done completely.

Personalised Towels by Personally Presented

The best thing about ‘His and Her’ gifts is that you get something that she won’t borrow and leave at the Pilates studio. Stamp your names across these gorgeous fluffy towels by Personally Presented, who can have surnames embroidered of up to twelve characters in length.

Candle Set by Prosody

Nothing sets an atmosphere better than scented candles, and there are an abundance of premium offers that deliver from London including Victoria Cator, Jo Malone, and our favorite Prosody. The company uses only organic and wild harvested essential oils and natural isolates to craft complex olfactory experiences that are alluring, enchanting, and long-lasting. The big tea lights gift set includes stars Rhapsodic Rose, Wood & Woodknot, and Juniper Journey.

Couple’s Wireless Charger by Nomad

Nomad’s new Base Station Hub is the perfect charger for couples, as it powers up to four devices at the same time. At home you’ll sit both your phones side by side on the nightstand, and when traveling there’s no need to take turns with cables. The design is sleek, thin, and light to carry about.

Noisy Noisette by Avery Perfumes

Avery is one of the finest perfumeries in the world, and the best thing is that their products are gender neutral; meaning both you and your loved one can enjoy them together. The Noisy Noisette is described as a beautiful morning walk in Paris, with masculine and feminine contrasts such as citrus and pink pepper, and coffee, and flora.

Date Box Subscription by Date Night In Box

Free up time thinking of date ideas and let someone else do all the hard work. Date Night In Box has been giving couples worldwide romantic activities by mail for years. Each month you’ll get a box with a date idea and the tools to make it happen, whether that be chocolate making or Hawaiian themed games and mocktails. Each Date Night In box includes all the tools for interactive activities with ambiance and a tasty treat.

Personalized Prints by Posterhaste

Thanks to Posterhaste you can super easily design your own framed print or unframed poster to display at home. Commemorate your wedding or first date with a dated print and design, and with it hanging in your bathroom it acts as a reminder to never, ever forget an anniversary.

Luxury Linen by Meroe

Treat both yourself and your loved one to high quality, 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen from Dubai’s fabulous Meroe Bed Boutique. The sheets are woven in Portugal, have a thread count ranging up to 800 and are astonishingly soft. Meroe also has an extensive collection of deco cushions, lighting and furniture to add to your boudoir.

Premium Cork Yoga Mat by CorkYogis

If your partner is a yogi then she’ll love a premium cork yoga mat by CorkYogis, made with a 4mm non-slip, flexible rubber, and 1mm sustainable, natural cork. It has just the right amount of grip which improves the more you sweat and cork as a material doesn’t let water sink in meaning better hygiene. When she’s done with it, the yoga mat doubles up as your abs and stretch mat. Win-win.

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