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Put This ‘Flying Five Star Hotel’ on Your Post-Lockdown Travel List

Images courtesy of © Mlenny

The UAE does five-star in its sleep, and we love a luxury moment, but could this be the ultimate 5-star travel experience we’ve all been waiting for?

Roll up the Airlander 10.

British air travel specialist Hybrid Air Vehicles has revealed plans for its mighty Airlander 10, dubbed a “flying five-star hotel” to transport tourists as far as the North Pole.

With the help of new technology the project has brought back the airship concept, with bells on. In their heyday in the 1920s and 30s these flying mega-balloons had it all from luxury suites, to fine dining restaurants and on-board entertainment but a terrible accident in 1937 – the Hindenburg disaster – brought the industry to an abrupt halt.

But with sea cruises now on a downward turn could air cruises the next (next) big thing?

At a staggering 320 feet long, this will be the longest aircraft in the world. It will be able to travel at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet for up to five days at any one time, but the real beauty of these bucket-list trips is that the craft can fly low over epic terrain, giving passengers the most incredible views.

Images courtesy of © Mlenny

For example along the North Pole it can glide at around 1,000 and 3,000 feet, so passengers can take in the arresting scenery and reign supreme over any Instagram feed to boot.

Images courtesy of © Mlenny

With the right investment in this new design these trips could be ready to take off as early as 2024. Of course this kind of a trip comes at a relative expense with two-person cabins starting at around GBP 80,000 – might it just be worth it?

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