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A New Generation of Saudi Talent is Being Celebrated By NEOM

NEOM celebrates change through its youth, a new generation of creatives, on Saudi Arabia’s 91st National Day.

From left: Emon Shakoor, Amjad Alamri, Tarek Hamdi, Saeid Alzahrani, and Noura Bint Saidan. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

Saudi Arabia’s incredible NEOM project is a trailblazing attempt at designing an entire urban district that embodies change, future technology, sustainable living, innovation, and art. To celebrate Saudi Arabia’s 91st National Day, NEOM is stepping into the spotlight once again, to show just what the future will hold thanks to an impressive new campaign: #Iamthechange.

Tarek Hamdi. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

NEOM is nothing less than a new model for sustainability. Powered by 100% renewable energy, it seeks to be a hub for innovation for how people live and through the facilitation of international business. Urban living is born again with walkability at its core: physical and digital infrastructures will all reside underground, allowing residents to enjoy their benefits, but also escape their impact. The focus is on the person, not the machine, and the city is designed so that all amenities will be within a five-minute walk. A home, a city, a creative space, a hub for technology and imagination, NEOM aspires to impact lives through the creation and embrace of new technologies and new ways of thinking.

Saeid Alzahrani. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

To mark Saudi National Day on September 23, NEOM unveils a new campaign designed to drive interest and engagement in the project, and to tell the world what Saudi Arabia’s most ambitious plans will yield. The campaign focuses on a new generation of talented creatives, engineers, racing drivers, artists, and entrepreneurs by bringing together these incredibly motivated people to tell a story of what Saudi Arabia hopes to become.

Amjad Alamri. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

“Our country is rich in its natural resources; we are not dependent solely on oil for our energy needs. Gold, phosphate, uranium, and many other valuable minerals are found beneath our land. But our real wealth lies in the ambition of our people and the potential of our younger generation. They are our nation’s pride and the architects of our future. Our people with amaze the world again,” said HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Emon Shakoor. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

At the heart of the new campaign are figures who represent the very best of Saudi Arabia’s creative and upcoming talents: Amjad Alamri, an engineer and racing driver; Tarek Hamdi, an Olympic medalist in karate; Saeid Alzahrani, an expert in the field of unmanned aerial systems; Noura Bint Saidan, a visual artist; and Emon Shakoor, an entrepreneur and neuroscience researcher. Individuals all, they represent the abundance of talent that Saudi Arabia can call on now and in the future.

Noura Bint Saidan. Photo: Courtesy of NEOM

This is the drive and ambition behind NEOM, represented by the five talents taking part in the campaign. Through online channels, NEOM’s spokespeople are spreading a message of ambition, creativity, talent, and determination – the core ideals around which NEOM is based. Watch this space: NEOM is about to change the world. #Iamthechange

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