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Why Sheikh Hamdan Wants the UAE Residents to #StayHome

HH Sheikh Hamdan

HH Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai. Photo: Instagram/@faz3

After writing a letter of gratitude and support to the healthcare workers and UAE government employees, HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has now addressed the residents in a new message.

The Crown Prince took to Instagram and Twitter last night to share a lengthy, heartfelt plea urging the residents of UAE to stay home amid the rapidly spreading coronavirus. “Everyday, we see the global situation around COVID-19 worsening at an exponential pace,” wrote Sheikh Hamdan to millions of his followers. The Royal addressed the many preventive measures placed by the UAE government to safeguard the health of its residents, and continued to ask everyone to “recognize the seriousness of the new reality” and that the coronavirus is a “real threat to each one of us.”

“However, thanks to the tireless and incredible efforts of our emergency response team, we have managed to protect ourselves and our communities till date.‬ Going forth, maintaining this status needs us all to urgently recognise the seriousness of the new reality we live in. We (Dubai) are not immune.”

“‪This pandemic is a very real threat to each and every one of us, our families and friends,” he wrote. “The only way to guarantee that we safeguard the wellbeing of our loved ones is to act now, together and without exceptions. Stay Home.‬”

Sheikh Hamdan also stressed on the crucial need for social distancing, stating that it is “not a matter of choice.” He continued to say, “It is a critical demand from every one of us, in order for our city and our society to remain safe. Remember that we are only as strong as our weakest link. We’re here for you, and trust that we can count on your commitment to act responsibly.”


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