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Aston Martin Has Just Made a Very Cool Bicycle

Aston Martin bike

Aston Martin bike – the Fascenario.3 Aston Martin Edition

Aston Martin has collaborated with bicycle manufacturer Storck to produce a limited edition run of road bikes.

Only 107 of the Fascenario.3 Aston Martin Edition bikes will be made, but they are something a bit special.

The frame and forks are the result of the latest advances in carbon fiber and aerodynamics, while the componentry utilizes the kind of technology you’d expect from Aston Martin.

This project came about after Markus Storck, the founder of the Storck bicycle company, joined forces with Aston Martin on the Vanquish “One of Seven” project. Having owned several Aston Martins, Storck worked with Aston Martin’s bespoke division – Q by Aston Martin – to develop the models of cars that focused on showcasing carbon fiber.

During that process, he met Aston Martin’s EVP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman and they decided to explore the possibility of a joint venture with bicycles.

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“It was clear from the outset how the design, engineering and passion of the two brands could combine”, says Reichman “and what we’ve ended up with is a bicycle that reflects not only many of the key technical aspects of an Aston Martin, but also our ethos of excellence.”

The end result is the Aston Martin Edition – the ultimate evolution of Storck’s Fascenario.3, which has already won multiple awards for its design.

The frame weighs just 770g and combined with a host of lightweight items from manufacturers, the whole bike weighs only 5.9kg. However, although it’s light, it’s far from fragile, with Storck greatly exceeding the expected industry testing standards in order to prove the durability of its frames.

Aston Martin bike The Fascenario.3 frame has been designed with innovative Nano Carbon Technology. The utilization of nano-particles in the resin structures of the carbon fiber improves the breaking and splintering behavior, increasing the flexibility. This leads to enhanced comfort combined with higher component safety.

The Aston Martin Edition comes equipped with wireless gear shifting technology. Not only does this give the bike an uncluttered aesthetic, but the left and right levers operate just like the paddles found behind the steering wheels on Aston Martin’s sports cars – right to go up a ratio and left to go down.

And just as Aston Martin strives to improve the aerodynamics of its cars, so Storck has striven to produce class-leading aerodynamics. They achieved this through its distinctive open and wide design of fork, which leaves noticeably more room around the front wheel than with conventional designs, thereby avoiding aerodynamically unfavorable vortices.

With just 107 being produced, the Fascenario.3 Aston Martin Edition is likely to be a rare sight on the road but it will no doubt be highly sought after by collectors. Markus Storck said of his creation, “I would say that this is probably the best bicycle ever built with an automotive name on it.”

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