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Emirates New First Class Suite, Inspired by Mercedes S-Class

Emirates new first class suite

Emirates new first class suite

Coming to the fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft, the new Emirates suite is perhaps the best first class so far, with features inspired by Mercedes’ S-Class sedan.

Each fully-enclosed private suite has a floor to ceiling sliding door for total privacy. Emirates say that the soft leather seating, high-tech control panels, and mood lighting were inspired by the Mercedes S-Class, while the seat reclines into a fully flat bed and can be placed in a “zero-gravity” position that “gives a feeling of relaxation and weightlessness.”

The six cabins (down from eight) will be arranged in a 1-1-1 layout, so if you’re in the middle cabin there are no windows. Instead you’ll have virtual windows projecting the view from outside the aircraft using real time camera technology. A little weird, and the temptation to pull Twilight Zone style pranks must be high, but if the projection is HD sharp and constant then it could be a clever solution.

Emirates new first class suite

Emirates new first class suite

Passengers can easily communicate with the cabin crew, or request for room service using the video call function. The suites also come with a service window where customers can be served drinks and canapés undisturbed.

While watching the ICE In-flight entertainment there are new Bowers & Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones created exclusively for Emirates, and there’s a 32-inch HD display that has over 2,500 channels of on-demand content. But perhaps best of all – dare we say game changer – is the new ability to display your own media as well.

Details haven’t been released yet, but the thought that you’ll be able to just plug in your external hard drive and watch your own films and TV series is a great one. No more pre-loading an iPad to catch up on episodes during a long-haul flight.

Each suite is fitted with an inspiration kit which features a luxury Byredo skincare collection found only on Emirates, Hydra Active moisturizing pyjamas, and Bulgari amenity kits.

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