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This Saudi Influencer’s Travel Tips Will Make Packing for Your Summer Vacation Super Easy

Summer months are upon us and that could mean only one this — it’s the time to start packing and head out for your travels. We spoke to the seasoned traveler, dentist, and part-time influencer, Saudi Dr. Hassan Ghoneim about some tips to keep in mind for your holidays

Tell us about a decision that has changed your life?
I deciding to open my profile and go into social media.

Which city/country has the best cuisine?
So much food is processed these days, in the desire to provide all year availability. I was blown away by the freshness of the fish market in Tokyo! It was spectacular.

What is the craziest thing you have done when traveling?
Petting a lion and it didn’t go well at all I thought the lion was trained but it turned out I was sitting with a wild animal.

What is your favorite destination?
Rio de Janeiro.

What’s the one item you never travel without?
My lucky wallet, I can’t travel without.

Tell us why do you prefer Tumi when traveling? 
I am super passionate about the brand and have been a fan for so many years – even before Tumi was available in Saudi.  Tumi is special to me is a combination of its elevated style, its incredible functionality and the fact that it is made from the highest quality materials around. I love that the brand is all about the details and I love discovering this thoughtful innovation in all their bags – from integrated USB ports for charging your electronics, to outside pockets on travel cases so you can add last-minute gifts, to pockets for absolutely everything including water bottles to ear pods.

How do you relax?
Visiting a Spa is the best way for me to relax.

Please recommend a book to read on the flight and one to read on a beach and why.
It’s so difficult to suggest a single book because there are so many excellent reads out there. The one thing I love about going on a long-haul flight with a book is that there are no interruptions to my reading. I would probably recommend ‘Sapiens’; one of the best books I have read in my life for the journey. Every sentence of that book is a masterpiece and it puts so much about us as a species into perspective that I consider it a must read for everyone.
The beach is a place to relax and unwind, so maybe an anthology of Rumi or [Khalil] Gibran might be a good choice. I also find classics a good choice whilst on holiday. If you haven’t had time to read Bronte, Dickens or Tolstoy, then there’s nothing quite like hearing the distant cry of seagulls, feeling the warm sea breeze across your face and feasting upon the words of some of the greatest authors of all time.

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