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UAE Covid-19 Update: These Rules and Fines Still Apply

Despite the easing of many restrictions related to Covid-19 across the UAE of late, there are still many rules in place that residents must be mindful of – especially if you want to stay safe and avoid any hefty fines.

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A press conference was held in Dubai yesterday among the authorities to clarify what the current rules and relative penalties still are. While restrictions have eased in the UAE in recent weeks, there are many rules and penalties still in place. Yesterday, authorities held a media briefing to remind citizens and residents that there are heavy fines for disobeying the Covid-19 rules in the UAE.

During the press conference, Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Director of the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution, reminded citizens and residents that all precautionary measures must be adhered to and stressed the need for the public to continue to abide by all of the ongoing rules.

“Since the completion of the National Disinfection Programme, the relevant authorities have observed a significant increase in the number violations of the preventative measures,” he said.

Al Zaabi said these violations include failing to maintain a safe distance; failing to wear masks; and organizing gatherings in public and private places.

“Such reckless behavior will work against the preventative measures, which have been so important in helping to control the spread of the virus,” he said. He added that violators will be subject to legal accountability and will be fined for disobeying the precautionary measures.

“Gatherings in public and in private places are prohibited,” he said, adding that family visits should be confined to first-degree relatives. During family visits, physical distancing norms should be maintained at all times, especially when around elderly people and those suffering chronic diseases, he added.

Current fines related to Covid-19 in the UAE

• Hosting gatherings and inviting people over: Dhs10,000
• Attending a gathering as a guest: Dhs5,000
• Not wearing a face mask in public: Dhs3,000
• Having more than three passengers in a vehicle, unless you are family: Dhs3,000
• Failing to maintain social distancing at work or other places, including shops and restaurants: Dhs3,000 per person, plus • Dhs5,000 for the institution
• Not wearing a face mask at work: Dhs5,000 for the company, plus Dhs500 for the employee
• Private tutoring: Dhs30,000 for the tutor, plus Dhs20,000 for the host
• Failing to comply with home quarantine rules: Dhs50,000
• Failing to download the Alhosn app (if you’ve tested positive to Covid-19): Dhs10,000
• Refusing to do a Covid-19 test if instructed: Dhs5,000

During the media briefing, Al Zaabi also emphasized that repeat offenses would be taken seriously with additional, heavy fines for anyone who continues to break the rules.

“The fine will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation. Third-time offenders will be subject to legal action and could face imprisonment for up to six months and an increased fine of AED100,000,” he said.

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