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Burn After Reading: 10 Perfect Scented Candles For Winter

Scented candles by Nest New York

Scented candles by Nest New York. Photo: instagram/nestfragrances

As temperatures drop and darkness sets in earlier, winter is the best time to enjoy a beautiful candle. They breathe life into just about any room; thanks to their fragrant scents, cosy colors and luminous glow. Now, more than ever, our homes need some TLC. Here are the Vogue Man Arabia top 10 picks of scented candles for winter, and the best ways to get the most out of them.

For sportsmen

Nest candles

NEST’s Blue Cypress & Snow Candle. Photo: Supplied.

The Alps ski trip may be cancelled this year but you can still enjoy that warming winter cabin feeling with NEST’s Blue Cypress & Snow. The scent evokes après-ski retreat, combining crisp blue cypress, juniper berry, and hints of smoked vanilla bean.

Tip: Pair with the matching diffuser and elevate the entire apartment aroma-wise.

For minimalists


Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Holiday Edition Noir candle. Photo: Supplied

Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Holiday Edition Noir candles are ultra chic and the perfect companion in a modern minimalist home. Packaged in luxe foil-stamped black textured boxes with gold foil-framed labels for a gilded touch, the limited edition series ushers in the seasonal spirit in four scents of Cassis, Cinder, Cypres and Pepper.

Tip: Burn during those virtual soirées to set the mood for you and your online guests.

For travel addicts 


EDITION Candle. Photo: Supplied.

Many hotels have released their own ranges so why not bring the hotel to your home this winter? The EDITION Candle is an alluring mix of robust black tea, citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper and floral notes; close your eyes and you could be anywhere from the Abu Dhabi EDITION to the Shanghai EDITION.

Tip: Grab a robe, lay out your own mini-bar, and turn your studio into a hotel suite.

For family men


Cocochi candle. Photo: Supplied.

Cocochi candles are centered around sentimental nostalgia to evoke joyful memories, and are most uplifting. Think pine trees, a familiar musky scent of autumnal evening rain, and childhood aromas of wild rose, natural hedgerows and falling honeysuckle. The vegan sustainable candles are hand poured with 100% natural soy wax, and are safe around all the family.

Tip: Dig out the family photo albums or video footage and enjoy with loved ones.

For Insomniacs


Woodwick Candles from Yankee Candles. Photo: supplied.

For a better night’s sleep, turn to Woodwick Candles from Yankee Candles. The Black Peppercorn is ultra relaxing and works wonders in creating calm in the room. The blend includes spicy peppercorn, cardamom, nutmeg, cedarwood, sweet amber and creamy sandalwood, with a signature wooden wick that burns with a soft crackle.

Tip: Yankee also has sleep diffuser kits. This combination is pretty much guaranteed drift-off.

For meditation masters 


Madebyzen Signature Scented Serenity. Photo: Supplied.

Madebyzen’s Signature Scented Serenity is perfect for those practising mindfulness at any time of day. The scent is soft and soothing, combining peony with white rose and honeysuckle, with a hint of musk and sandalwood. It brings an air of clean and serenity to the room, promoting clarity.

Tip: Dab some of their lemongrass oil on your temples, switch on ‘Spirit Child Of The Moon’, and find your inner peace.

For chocoholics


Hotel Chocolat’s Cacao & Vanilla candle. Photo: Supplied.

Hotel Chocolat’s Cacao & Vanilla candle is one for the chocolate lover, whereby the delicious smells feature undertones of musk, cedar wood and amber. The scent is sweet but not sickly sweet.

Tip: Treat yourself and enjoy the candle with a box of Hotel Chocolat and a cup of cocoa.

For bath lovers

Uma Oil’s Pure Wellness candle. Photo: Supplied

Uma Oil’s Pure Wellness candle is perfect for the bath side table. It has powerfully soothing botanicals of chamomile, lavender, and vetiver, combining to reduce stress, promote relaxation and bring blissful scents to the bathroom.

Tip: It isn’t a bath without a Lush bath bomb, so lather and feel the bubbles dance with the aroma.

For Night Wanderers


Le Feu De L’Eau Candle. Photo: Supplied.

Le Feu De L’Eau has a wonderful selection of candles which take you outdoors to the garden, both day and night. The Night Blooming Jasmine is a crisp fragrance that lasts ages.

Tip: Burn after a winter evening stroll along the marina.

For budding chefs


Jo Malone roasted chestnut home candle. Photo: Supplied

Jo Malone’s roasted chestnut home candle enhances merry moods with the scent of chestnuts roasting on a crackling fire. Seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, and dressed in a limited-edition design. It’s the perfect addition to any festive kitchen.

Tip: Burn along with a dish seasoned by Unprecedented Thyme (a blend of Thyme, Sumac, Coriander, Turmeric, Himalayan Sea Salt, Cayenne pepper & Cinnamon).

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