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Dubai-Based Architect Wins Competition to Design Luxury Desert Resort in Saudi

Saudi Arabia, luxury resort

Courtesy of X-Architects

A Dubai-based architecture firm has won first place in the Desert Resort Competition with their imaginative, futuristic luxury resort design. The award-winning X-Architects took the top prize for the competition held in Saudi Arabia recently.

Their challenge was to create a luxury desert hideaway resort in the ultra-harsh and empty environment of ‘Rub’ Al Khali’ – the world’s biggest sand sea which is located in the Kingdom.

The concept that the firm submitted was dubbed “Architectural Constellation,” and defied all of the harsh conditions with ground-breaking design solutions that would sit right at home in the stunning red dunes of the deserted surroundings.

Courtesy of X-Architects

The firm commented: We go to the desert to become one with nature, experience solitude and ponder about creation. We start to notice the magical spectrum of light throughout the day. At night, the desert transforms magically: the air is cooler, stars emerge like the Arabian Nights tale, and darkness has infinite shades! Exquisite indigenous plants are shaped beautifully and protect themselves from the extreme environment. The wind becomes like a land artist, moving similar sized sand particles and minerals to reveal the richness of its intense color.”

Courtesy of X-Architects

In what resembles a constellation of architecture inspired by the desert plant ‘Cistanche Tubulosa’, the structures would offer uninterrupted views of the stars as well as of the sabkhas, which are the white salt flats native to the area.  To maximize the other-worldly appeal of the surroundings the team imagined, “a constellation of architecture strategically placed on the vast terrain”.

Courtesy of X-Architects

Of one the many highlights of the property that would marry the guest experience with the landscape would be a horizontal white spa ‘carpet’ which would incorporate the healing quality of the salt minerals found in the planes there in the desert.

Courtesy of X-Architects

It is yet to be announced whether the plans would become a reality but we can keep dreaming, for now.

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