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The Bahrain Football Team Made History with Their First-Ever Win Against Saudi Arabia

Sunday evening marked a historic moment for the Bahrain football team which won the 24th Gulf Cup against Saudi Arabia’s national team. Player Mohammed Al Rohaimi scored the goal of the game on 69th minute giving Bahrain a lead. Before the match, Bahrain’s coach Helio Sousa said, “We have come a long way in this tournament, and we will continue to play positively and are confident of making the impossible possible.” The team of 23 played the final match spectacularly knowing the tremendous pressure built in the stadium and proved their coach’s words right.

Not only did the Bahraini team beat the odds in front of a whole stadium packed with a crowd supporting the Saudi team – out of which 2,000 fans flew in exceptionally just to watch the finals, but also gave the whole nation of Bahrain a chance to celebrate an early New Year’s. However, the journey to the finals wasn’t easy for the champions as they had to beat Kuwait – in a thrilling 4-2 game to get into the semi-final. Prior to that, Bahrain beat Iraq – ranked 74 in a marvelous 5-3 victory proving that the long 49-year-old wait to win the title hasn’t come easy.

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